SUGOIKAWAII is one of the vendors based in Indonesia and it may be very far from where you are. 


Post-Pandemic Shipment!

9/22/2021 Update:

Hello everyone~

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of shipment during the pandemic. I tried my best to always on scheduled for the shipment. One of the reason all the shipment got delayed for a long time, because the change of Indonesian Post Office policy and Destination country policy. During the pandemic, the policy always changed every month and the other reason is Indonesian Post closed some of their service (EMS and Registered Mail). 

I will continue to do my best to keep things under control. Until now the situation has improved and Indonesian post office services are gradually starting to reopen to several countries. I hope you all can understand. Please expect delays in delivery, although the condition is gradually improving but not 100%.

For shipping rates I will make adjustments, that's because the post office rates have changed.


New Policy for Destionation to European Union 

That dated July 1, 2021 for:
Overseas shipments to the European Union
that is :
1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Cyprus
6. Czechia
7. Denmark
8. Estonia
9. Finland
11. Germany
12. Greece
13. Hungary
14. Ireland
15. Italy
16. Latvia
17. Lithuania
18. Luxembourg
19. Malta
20. Netherland
21. Poland
22. Portugal
23. Romania
24. Slovakia
27. Sweden

All commercial goods that enter the European Union will be subject to VAT in the European Union.

Things to watch out for:

  • The description of the goods must be detailed and provide clear information / description of the contents of the shipment.
  • General descriptions such as Samples or Spare Parts are not allowed, Must be detailed
  • Accurate and detailed item value on Invoice
  • Proof of Purchase of Goods/Invoice is required as a Mandatory Document
  • HS Code must be precise.
  • Other supporting documents.

Source: Indonesian Post Office


Shipment due Covid-19 Pandemic

5/14/2020 Update:

We all know that this pandemic is not over. I'm sorry that lately all delivery has been interrupted and late.

So from that I made a new policy for the next delivery, which I actually started from last month. This policy will continue until an unspecified time until further news is received from the Indonesian Post office.

Currently the Indonesian Post office as an international shipping service provider is still implementing Pandemic status. This causes some of the delivery services they offer to be unavailable / closed until an uncertain time limit.
The services that are not available are:
> Registered Mail (this service is what I usually use)
> Postage stamps

and services that are only open / available are EMS (Express Mail Service) and Export Services (especially for packages over 10kg). And there was a cost adjustment at the Indonesian Post office.

Therefore, I am currently adjusting the delivery services available by the Indonesian Post office. I'm changing my multiple delivery service at this point.

So, for now I use the services of my partner in America as a forwarder to send and forward to all of you around the world. Therefore I am currently unable to provide a tracking number for your order.

Therefore, the costs listed in my shop are the costs that have been updated according to the costs from Pos Indonesia without a tracking number. Maybe for some of you it feels very expensive. The reason is because I live far away from you, namely Indonesia. But I do my best to keep international shipping costs competitive.

Then, how do I process your order?
I will explain below.

1. Every order that comes in I will immediately process and prepare it. But I will collect them all for 2 weeks.
2. After all the orders that come in for 2 weeks, I will send it to my partner in America in 1 package.
3. When the package arrives. My partner will sort all shipments and will make deliveries using local couriers available there.

I do this to reduce the cost of dispensing an uncertain shipment from the Indonesian Post office.
I apologize for the inconvenience. But I hope you can understand. I am very grateful for those of you who have always supported me until now. I hope this can all end soon and return to normal.


Official Statement from Indonesian Post Office: Here..

Covid-19 Pandemicの出荷予定







したがって、私のショップにリストされているコストは、追跡番号なしのPos Indonesiaのコストに応じて更新されたコストです。多分それはあなたにとって非常に高価な感じです。その理由は、インドネシアから遠く離れているからです。しかし、私は国際的な輸送費を競争力のあるものに保つために最善を尽くします。







Please note that some items on the store will be send separately using USPS, China Post, or other International Postal Service.

Below are shipping option directly from Sugoikawaii.

There are 4 option shipping option:

1. International Economic

International Economic, the cheapest option for shipping. International Economic shipping to destination address within 40-90 business days (not including Customs / Customs checking time). This option doesn't have tracking number, because it will be use stamps.

2. International Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping use Registered International Mail. Registered International shipping to destination address within 15-20 business days (not including Customs / Customs checking time), and every order has Tracking Number.

3. International Standard Plus

International Standard Plus, is a new shipping option from us to keep your order secure and safe. So, you don't need to worry if your order get lost or damage. 

International Standard Plus use Registered International Mail, shipping to destination address within 15-20 busines days (not including Customs / Customs checking time), and every order has tracking number.

With Intl. Standard Plus your order will get an insurance from Sugoikawaii.

4. Express Mail Service (EMS)

Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS shipping to destination address within 3-5 days (not including Customs / Customs checking time) and every order use EMS has Tracking Number. With EMS your order will get an insurance from Sugoikawaii.


To track your order:

1. Intl. Standard and Intl. Standard Plus Shipping with Tracking

The tracking number has 13 characters. Start with 'RR','xxxxxxxxx', 'ID' (e.g RR123456789ID). You can track your order on your National Postal website or EMS Indonesia(*Australia Postal cannot track International Registered Mail)

2. Express Mail Service (EMS)

EMS tracking number has 13 characters. Start with 'EE','xxxxxxxxx','ID' (e.g EE123456789ID). You can track your order on your National Postal website or EMS Indonesia or EMS Global Tracking


Shipping Issue to a several country:

We notice that some country cannot track or identify all package/mail sent with International Registered Mail. Regarding to this issue as we got many complain with Australia buyer, we manage to delete International Registered Mail to Australia. From now all package/mail to Australia only can use Express Mail Service (EMS). 
There is a reason why we do this. First of all we got many complain from Australia buyer that they still not get their order and cannot track their order. And the second, we're looking to solve this problem with Australia Post, and we found that Australia Post cannot track all package/mail that using: 

-International Registered Mail
-International Economy (Sea and Air)

More info: Answer - Australia Post