Hololive VTuber Uruha Rushia Officialy Terminated

Hololive VTuber Uruha Rushia Officialy Terminated

Recently we were shocked by the news about the termination of Vtuber Uruha Rushia. Vtuber Uruha Rushia has been officially dismissed by COVER Corp. on Thursday 24 February 2022, After COVER Corp. issued its official statement.


In the COVER Corp. statement. it was stated that Uruha Rushia had spread false information to third parties and leaked information, including information related to the company that oversees it.

COVER Corp. also added that they would shut down Uruha Rushia's Youtube channel and its membership at the end of March.

Uruha Rushia is a Vtuber affiliated with Hololive 3rd Gen in the Hololive Fantasy lineup. Currently, Rushia has 1.59 million subscribers and is one of the top-earning content creators on Youtube from Superchats.

So, what really happened?

This started from a misunderstanding among Uruha Rushia fans when Uruha Rushia streamed. On the livestream, a notification appears. The notification is a chat with the username まふまふさん (Mafumafu-san). What makes it strange is the content of the message in the chat that mentions the name みーちゃん (Mii-chan) and looks like someone who is dating or has had a special relationship for a long time.

From this, Rushia fans suspect that Rushia has a special relationship with this user 'Mafumafu-san'. Fans also suspect this 'Mafumafu-san' is a singer-songwriter from Japan.

Both Rushia and Mafumafu have clarified this commotion via their Twitter. COVER Corp. had also given their clarification a few days before finally deciding to dismiss Rushia.

Uruha Rushia

Source: Anime Corner, Hololive COVER Corp, GamerWK