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Moefication - Honda

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Honda Moefication
An original illustration by @nissanote in collaboration with Sugoikawaii.
She has a very cheerful and entertaining nature. Her design are inspired from the popular Loop expressway in Osaka, Japan among JDM lovers or usually called The Kanjozoku. Wearing a casual japanese street fashion theme and No Good Racing pin on her jacket.

Product Details:
>HQ Print Outdoor Vinyl
>Weather Resistant
>HQ Image
>Matte Stardust Laminate (Slap & Diecut)
>Size: L 8.2"x H 2.7"
>Diecut size: H 3.9" x L 3.9"
>No Good Diecut: H 3.9" x L 35"
>Rounded Diecut size: H 3.9"x L 3.9"